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Meal Prep

Recipes forged for the financier and the famished…


Meal Prep –

a key component to optimizing the ideal week


Benefits include:

  • Time and $$$ savings
  • High quality ingredients
  • Pre-set quantities
  • Always delicious (well usually…)
  • Each meal contributes to a goal (e.g., muscle gain, fat loss)


For FitInCorporate friendly weekly meal prep ideas and recipes check out my Instagram series – Monday Macros

(Posts also linked below!)


Each Monday Macros post includes a smorgasbord of what’s powering me through the week and a recipe that is guaranteed quick to prep, nutrient dense, and easy to make in large quantities.

Enjoy prepping and eating!



Zucchini Boat Cod Tacos

Zucchini boat cod tacos


TJ’s taco-seasoned chili

TJ's taco chili


Simple Salmon with mustard glaze

Simple salmon with mustard glaze


Slow cooker pulled pork carnitas

Slow cooker pulled pork carnitas


Sweet & spicy broccoli crunch salad

Sweet & spicy broccoli crunch salad



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BLOG BY Matt Hersh

BLOG BY Matt Hersh

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