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  • 29/ May, 2017

10 techniques for improved motivation, time management, and energy

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10 techniques discovered in 10 months that you can implement in 10 days

Magnify motivation, extract extra time, and amplify your energy

Part 1 – Setting the context

As a corporate strategy consultant, the most difficult question I’ve encountered and sought to answer was not related to corporate strategy at all…but biology:

What specific actions should I take to most effectively progress physical fitness and mental performance within career constraints?


The key issue – the job and fitness require motivation, time, and energy – we have a finite amount of each.

Finite? Yes. Permanent? No.  Our motivation, time, and energy storage capacities are determined by our daily routines, decisions, and environments.

The experiment – continually tweak my routine to maximize these finite factors.

The results – this four-part launch series details the top 10 tools and techniques that have helped me maximize motivation, time, and energy with respect to my health.


10 tips to implement in 10 days?


Although I advocate for gradual lifestyle change when testing new routines, the following 10 tips are instantly implementable into a sustainable routine. So, for compliance sake, 10 days is ambitious, a month or two is recommended.


Continue on to learn the first of the 3 techniques provided in these launch articles, in Launch series part 2: Methods to magnify motivation [3 min read]




Written by Matt Hersh

Corporate consultant, fitness coach, amateur chef, blogger